Electronic music from Berlin. elektrokraut formerly „Institute of Sound Performance“ (IOSP) is to developing further the sound of „Berlin School“ into electronic music today.

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I love synthesizers

Electronic music is my passion

Classic synthesizer and modern software

Yamaha TF1 DX7 FM Synthesizer modules, Sequential Circuits Multi Track,
Crumar Bit 01, Oberheim Matrix 6R, Korg EX8000,
Roland MKS-30, Roland D550, Roland DVP-1,
Logic Pro X are my favorite tools.
Yamaha TF1 DX7

Yamaha TX 816 DX7

The FM synthesizer monster

Roland PG 200 Progammer

Roland PG 200

Programmer for Roland MKS30.

Roland PG 1000 Progammer

Roland PG 1000

Programmer for Roland D550.

There you go!

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